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@ BUDA BXL, 4th November 2023

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Demonstration amsterdam

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Stage support for UNIT Breda

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REcord label since 2019

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About our Dj's
In 2014 we started out with OdS, Noonie and Spootnik, in 2015 Stefan joined to the crew. After Noonie and Spootnik leaving #23, Decay joined the crew. In 2019 Decay took a break, to return again in 2023. Para Dox and èMèL joined the 2023.


More about Decay
Decay has been active as Dj for a long time. He started way back with what these days is called "Early Hardcore", so that kinda defines his long track records. His musical spectrum is quite wide though, also including acid & electro. Outside dj'ing, he has been producing music for a long time, most well known under the name Sinister Accoustics, a producing duo. Decay was also member of the former Rumoer crew.


More about èMèL
Acid-Tekno-Drum`n bass dj and producer. Started dj-ing mid 90's,when he was part of the "4 acid eyes only" soundsystem. Together with Sam C and B-Art2 he founded Dosis Decibel Records and Dosisdb soundsystem in 2002. eMeL has released his music productions on labels such as: Dosis Decibel Recordings, Neurotrope, Azt3k, Karikatuur, Tekno Sucks, Obs.cur, Future Frequencies, Tenebreuse Musique, Violent Cases, Hashtek23, Acid Night, Mysteries, Hangar, Tikal Sound, Melting Bass and his own label Koncept Kore which was founded in 2012. In 2023 he joined Hashtek23 soundsystem.

ODS #23

More about OdS#23
Started dj-ing in 1993 in the local clubs with some holiday adventures in Spain and France, OdS took a break from Dj'ing in 2003, returning to the dance floor in 2013. In 2014 he founded Hashtek23 soundsystem when they performed as a collective at Fuckparade 2k14 and in 2019 he started up Hashtek23 records.
OdS is known for his long (and usually) smooth transitions, musically he is known from either his former music collection from the 90's, playing retrosets that bring back smiles on people's faces. Besides the retro, most people know him from his Acid/Mental tekno sets, Hashtekstyle.."


More about Para Dox #23

DJing since 2013 and always loved the free party scene with the music and the people. Played in various places, free party and legal parties in The Netherland, Belgium, Franch and CZ. Joined the Hashtek23 soundsystem as crew and as resident DJ in april 2023.


More about Stefan #23
Stefan started out at the famous Kierewiet soundsystem where he has played on many parties and teknivals. In 2014 when he met OdS, they became friends and in 2015 he decided to also become part of the Hashtek23 crew.
Stefan plays many different styles, from tekno, dnb and (early) hardcore to complete other melodious eurohouse and other retro styles.

Our last releases

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