ods 23 smallOdS #23 aka Owen van Es, started to Dj in 1994 playing different styles like Eurohouse, Acid, Progressive, Club and Trance.
After years of playing in small/medium clubs he took a break from playing in 2002.

In 2014 he returned witin the Tekno scene, starting up a second career playing at freeparties, teknivals and tekno events.

During the years he started to make artwork for partyflyers, stickers, banners and labels for vinyl releases.
In 2019 he founded Hashtek23 Records and started to cooperate with artists like Van der Wiese, Kaoslog and Bat'art.

In 2020 Hashtek23 Records took quite a flight with a wave of 3 releases and many more expected in 2021 en 2022!

Together with eMeL (Dosis Decibel / Koncept Kore), he started the online livestream "Underground Frequecies Online", (UFO).
On this channel, they play different kinds of electronic music styles and regularly invite guests: e.g. Stefan ZMK, Collision, Johnny Crash, 1NC1N, Stefan #23.


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